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CH Stouthearted the Princess Pat

Patti running a LGRA sprint

DOB: 03/14/11

Breeder: Audrey Hsia

Patti is our keeper puppy from the breeding between Gil and Fecni. She was one of three puppies born in the litter; the first American-born MA litter that we know of!

Patti enjoying a day at the beach

Like her mother and father, Patti has over-the-top prey drive and just loves to run. She got a relatively late start to running in open field coursing events, but so far she's been racking up points in nearly every hunt she's entered, and took her first hare while out free coursing in Winter 2014.

Patti running free and looking for jackrabbits

Patti also loves to chase fake bunnies, and began her amateur racing and lure coursing career in 2012. She's not as fast as the big boy Agars she runs with, but she's just as keen, and she always puts 100% into her performance.

When she's not busy being a running fool, Patti also enjoys playing the beauty pageant game. At the 2nd Annual NAMAA National Specialty, she won Best of Opposite Sex in the first show under Judge Dennis Blickenstaff, and Best of Breed in the second show under Judge Marcella Zobel!

Patti and her brother, Pirate, winning Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex at the 2nd Annual NAMAA National Specialty, October 2014

Patti also finished her UKC Show Championship in December 2014 with multiple group wins against some pretty competitive northern California sighthounds. We hope to finish her Grand Championship next.

Patti trotting out in the show ring

When at home, Patti is the ultimate snuggle bug and smiler. She loves to talk, just like her brother and sister, and will always have something to say about anything. We just love our sweet girl!

Patti striking a pose


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