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RBIMBS GRCH Betcha-Katcha Ojeda GRC (Luna)

Luna blazing down the track

DOB: 01/10/08

Breeder: Friederike Honstetter

Luna is a litter sister to our Gator and is owned and loved by Kyle and Rita Yates. She lives with a herd of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and fits right in with the rest of the pack.

Luna and her dad, Kyle

Luna started her LGRA racing career in March 2009 and won her very first meet in May of the same year! Luna has since gone on to win many more LGRA meets and is within a half point of finishing her racing championship.

In addition to racing, Luna also enjoys stretching her legs on the lure coursing field. To date, she has taken two Best of Breed awards in only a limited number of ASFA trials. We expect her to finish her Field Championship in no time.

Luna began her show career in May 2009. At her first string of UKC shows she took Best Female 3 times and Best of Breed over Champions twice! She showed like a pro and all the judges were impressed with her.

Luna winning Best of Breed under Judge Jerry Brown

She continued her winning streak in June '09 at the Norcal APBT Club's summer shows and finished her UKC championship under Judge Judy Jones. She has since finished her Grand Championship and took home her first Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Show in July of 2011.

Luna has a very unique interest in all things bling. Her mom Rita has already out-fitted her with a fancy gem-encrusted collar and a mini matching purse. What a spoiled girl!


Luna with her bling bling


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