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Friends & Breeders

Betcha-Katcha Magyar Agárs (Germany)

Stout-Hearted Hounds (USA)

PetrezselyemProjekt Whippets and Magyar Agárs (Hungary)

Cserihegyi Magyar Agárs (Hungary)

Aranyági Utonálló Magyar Agárs (Hungary)

Őzugrató kennel (Hungary)

Kucorgó-Dombi & Repülj Magyar Agárs (Hungary)

Aveninas Magyar Agárs (Finland)

Farkas von Salomon Magyar Agárs (Germany)


Magyar Agár Info Sites

North American Magyar Agár Association

The California Magyar Agár Blog

Hungarian Sighthound

Magyar Agár Database


Forums and Listserves

Das Magyar Agar Forum (German)

Houndtalk.com (English)

Magyar Agár Yahoo Group (English)


Performance Organizations

Large Gazehound Racing Association

National Oval Track Racing Association

American Sighthound Field Association

National Open Field Coursing Association

National Lure Coursing Club

United Kennel Club


Registries and Show Organizations

Fédération Cynologique Internationale

United Kennel Club

International All Breed Canine Association

American Rare Breed Association

Rarities/North American Kennel Club


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