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Betcha-Katcha Omlin GRC JOR (Gator)

DOB: 01/10/08

Breeder: Friederike Honstetter

Gator is a nephew to our two girls, Belle and Willow, and is a litter brother to our co-owned girl, Luna. Gator and Luna come from a lineage of racing champions and are already following in their family's foot steps.

Gator and his sister, Luna, as yearling pups on the LGRA track

Gator began his racing career in March 2009 and has consistently given the other dogs a run for their money on both the straight track and the oval. He finished his racing championship in 2010 and has been #1 ranked in LGRA ever since. At the 2011 LGRA/NOTRA Nationals, in Redding CA, Gator was High Score Magyar Agar in both events!!

Gator (in white) duking it out with his buddy Gil (in red) on the LGRA track

Gator began his ASFA lure coursing career in January 2010. Since then he has won several Best of Breed awards and was ranked #1 in ASFA Lure Coursing for two years in a row! We hope to continue his lure coursing career in both ASFA and UKC.

Gator got his name as a young puppy after he proved to be a very mouthy and toothy little guy. As soon as he arrived home he devoured books and shoes and just about anything else he could get his teeth on. As such we felt it only appropriate to dub him Mr. Al E. Gator.

Gator at 4 months

Gator is a big bundle of lovable goofiness and has never met a stranger. He makes friends wherever he goes and continues to win fans for the breed. He loves to play with his two aunties and enjoys a good rough housing session with his sister if she'll let him.

Gator as a young pre-teen


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