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About Us

Tuzvihar Hounds is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, about 70 miles west of Lake Tahoe in Northern California.  We have had whippets for over thirty years and we learned about the Magyar Agár by accident in 2004.  When we lived in the Puget Sound area in the 1980s, we were active in lure-coursing.  During this time we co-owned a wonderful whippet, Allerai’s Margarita, who was a double champion in the show ring and lure-coursing.  Margarita finished high in the ratings during those years and one year she finished eighth in the nation.  We have always been whippet people.

In April of 2004, while browsing through the book section at our local Costco, I found a rare dog breed book that looked interesting.  When I opened the book it literally opened to the Magyar Agár which I found interesting and I made a mental note to myself to look up this breed on the Internet when we got home.  During my Internet research I was very surprised to find that there were no Web sites in the US and Canada on the Magyar Agár.  In fact, the only Web sites that I could find were in Central Europe.  Initially I corresponded with a well-known Magyar Agár breeder in Hungary and another well-known breeder in Germany.  Eventually I became good friends with Friederike Honstetter, from whom we bought our first Magyar Agárs in 2005. 

Over the past four years we have helped import four more Magyar Agárs for friends who also have become enamored of this wonderful hound breed.  And this last year our friends have helped us form the North American Magyar Agár Association, www.magyaragar.org.  We know that there are other American (and possibly Canadian) owners of the Magyar Agár, but we know of only three others in the US, one of whom lives in Chicago and two who live in New Jersey.  Hopefully we will find others.
We picked the Hungarian word, "tűzvihar", for the name of our kennel because most of the funding for our avocation has come from my wildfire work here in the US, Europe and Australia.  The word means “firestorm” which seems appropriate and our Hungarian friends tell us that it has a good sound for this robust, ancient hound breed.  I am not a fire fighter; by the way, I am an engineering geologist responsible for stabilizing landslides resulting from wildfires.

We hope that you enjoy our web site and that we will hear from you.  Please leave a message in the guestbook, or if you wish, you can contact me at tekoler@gmail.com.

Tom Koler, Ph.D., P.G.
Tűzvihar Kennels
NAMAA Secretary


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